Lisa Ventura was delighted to take part in “The Zero Hour Podcast” with Karl Sharman from Beecher Madden where she discussed how she entered the cyber security industry, how she deals with autism and how she plans to provide a platform for women in the industry.

She even gives a mention to other inspiring people in the industry including Nathan Chung and Emma Philpott MBE.

To listen to the podcast in full click on the link below:


Lisa Ventura is an award-winning Cyber Security consultant and is the CEO and Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA), a membership association that is dedicated raising awareness and educating small businesses, SME’s, large corporate companies and the general public as to the importance of cyber security. Lisa is also a thought leader, author and keynote speaker and has been published in various publications globally. She is fascinated by all things related to nuclear war and loves dogs, the gym/keep fit, the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury, sci-fi, films and TV series from the 1980s, especially American soap operas such as Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty and Knots Landing.