Lisa Ventura is proud to announce that she will be giving a recorded video interview for “Cyber Talks” on Monday 15th April 2019 in London, which will be hosted on their website.

CyberTalks is a unique platform producing cyber content direct from leading cyber industry figures. Started in 2016, the CyberTalks community is now more than 6000 strong, with members drawn from all spheres of the cybersecurity and IT industry. They are passionate about providing educational content to their community; with their purpose being to provide original and on-demand cybersecurity content.

Lisa will be talking about her thoughts on the cyber security industry, the cyber skills gap and what can be done to help attract more women to enter the industry.

More information can be found on


Lisa Ventura is a blogger and writer who has been through many challenges in life, but has somehow not only managed to survive them all, she has thrived in spite of them. She loves technology, heavy metal music, gadgets, cyber security, writing/blogging and her GSD/Husky cross dog. Lisa has a strong interest in all things related to nuclear war and is currently writing a book on the impact that the film "Threads" had on a cold war generation. By day she is a Marketing and Cyber Security Consultant and in her spare time she blogs on, and She is a born campaigner and works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues and causes that are close to her heart.