Thank you so much Caterri Woodrum and the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance in the USA for asking me to contribute an article about my Dad’s diagnosis of CASPR2 antibody encephalitis, his journey and his recovery 🥰🥰

It is SO important to raise awareness of autoimmune encephalitis, as it can very easily be put down to other conditions by GPs, doctors and neurologists. We were so close to my Dad’s symptoms being put down to motor neurone disease and associated dementia, but with treatment he is making some small improvements.

It was also very difficult to get this article into around 800-900 words as I have so much to say to raise awareness of my Dad’s condition. This is just the beginning of what I intend to do to raise much-needed awareness of autoimmune encephalitis and the effect it has on those who suffer from it and their families. My book “Encephalitis Daughter” will be released later this year which will focus on my Dad’s journey and diagosis, his road to recovery and the impact his illness has had on us as a family.

You can read my article in their July newsletter here