On this day in 1991, my idol and #LoveOfMyLife Freddie Mercury passed away from AIDS related pneumonia aged just 45 years old. As a huge fan of Freddie and of Queen I felt the loss of Freddie profoundly. I couldn’t believe that he had gone, and I still can’t believe it to this day.

While Freddie may have left us way too soon, I am so grateful to the remaining members of Queen, in particular Brian May and Roger Taylor, for keeping Freddie’s memory alive and strong. They have brought Freddie and Queen to a new generation of fans and Queen to the masses again the release of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I know I have seen it a gazillion times, but that film has changed my life. Ever since I heard the quote “fortune favours the bold” in it I knew I had to #BeMoreFreddie and follow my dreams. Fast forward a year and I’ve done and achieved things I never thought possible. Fortune really does favour the bold. Queen’s songs are my anthems, in particular “We Are The Champions” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

I have written a few blogs on how much Freddie Mercury and Queen impacted on my life, and how they made a strong impression on it. The links to my blogs are below:





Thank you Freddie and Queen for being such a huge inspiration to me. Through you I have learnt to take more risks, that fortune favours the bold and that we should all make an impression darling!

RIP Freddie…..I still love you xx



Lisa Ventura is an award-winning Cyber Security consultant and is the Founder of Cyber Security Unity, a cyber security community that aims to unite the industry globally to combat the growing cyber threat. Lisa is also a thought leader, author and keynote speaker in cyber security and has been published in various publications globally. She is fascinated by all things related to nuclear war and loves dogs, the gym/keep fit, the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury, sci-fi, films and TV series from the 1980s, especially American soap operas such as Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty and Knots Landing.