I would like to say a big thank you to Francesco Cipollone for mentioning me in his latest article “Is FaceApp stealing your identity? Let’s find it out…” which he has published on Medium. If you want an easy to follow balanced view on this subject, you need to read his article.

I shared a post last Thursday on LinkedIn about the latest FaceApp craze and bandwagon that everyone is talking about, and this article takes a close look at the T&C’s of the app and what you are agreeing to/giving away data wise when you download, install and use it.

The post I shared sparked quite a debate with over 12,807 views and counting, 54 shares, 117 reactions and 22 comments. Opinions on this varied but the main message is clear – think carefully about what you are giving away data wise not just with FaceApp but ANY app, and that includes the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple, and even LinkedIn.

Many of you use your biometric data such as your fingerprints and facial recognition to unlock your phone and confirm your identity for things like online banking. The data that an app like FaceApp gathers on facial recognition is immense. Just imagine the value that it would have on the dark web…..

Read Francesco’s article here – https://medium.com/@FrankSEC42/is-faceapp-stealing-your-identity-lets-find-it-out-241aa18c8402