Cyber Security Unity

In 2021 Lisa founded “Cyber Security Unity”, a community that aims to unite the cyber security industry globally through proactive collaboration to combat the growing cyber threat worldwide.

Uniting the Cyber Security Industry to Combat the Growing Cyber Threat

Cyber Security Unity exists to unite the cyber security industry to combat the growing cyber threat worldwide.

Using her strong expertise in the cyber security industry and as a campaigner and project manager Lisa has brought together some of the leading industry experts and professionals in cyber security to collaborate when it comes to the groing cyber threat worldwide. Cyber Security Unity does this through:

  • Events such as webinars, round tables, summits and conferences
  • Interviews and video content via the Cyber Security Unity YouTube channel
  • Project groups for women in cyber, equality and diversity and skills/training/education
  • Bespoke projects in cyber in collaboration with other cyber bodies and entities
  • A dedicated global CISO group where vendors and direct selling is banned

Cyber Security Unity does not shy away from the big issues and topics in cyber security. Some of these include stress and burnout in cyber security, mental health and cyber security, bullying, trolling and harassment and more.

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