Happy International Women’s Day everyone! With so many opportunities now open for women in the world of data and analytics, data security and cyber security there has never been a better time for women to enter the industry at the C-suite level.

I am so lucky to work in data, analytics and cyber security and support women who are part of the emerging C-suite, like myself. I know what the challenges are and what barriers have to be overcome as a woman in the industry.

I asked some of most prominent female speakers at Corinium Global Intelligence how they find it in an industry that is often still male dominated, and if they have come across any challenges or barriers as a woman in the data and analytics industry. I was very proud to work on this piece and talk to women who have broken through a male-dominated world to become pat of the C-suite in data and analytics.

Read their insightful answers here, and download this “Women in Data and Analytics” report that I researched, compiled and wrote – http://bit.ly/2trb0OT.


Lisa Ventura is an award-winning Cyber Security consultant and is the Founder of Cyber Security Unity, a cyber security community that aims to unite the industry globally to combat the growing cyber threat. Lisa is also a thought leader, author and keynote speaker in cyber security and has been published in various publications globally. She is fascinated by all things related to nuclear war and loves dogs, the gym/keep fit, the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury, sci-fi, films and TV series from the 1980s, especially American soap operas such as Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty and Knots Landing.