In this section you can find out more about me, what I do and why I do it, and what I have done during my career.


Here are the awards I’ve been a finalist for along with the awards I’ve won over the course of my career.


Find out more about things I have achieved during my career.


Discover the qualifications I have that allow me to offer my skills and expertise to my clients.

Case Studies

Read about how things progress from a booking to a presentation.


In this section you can find out more about me, what I do and why I do it, and what I have done during my career.

Cyber Security Unity

Find out more about my cyber security content hub and community that aims to unite the industry and help combat the growing cyber threat.


Find out more about my work with Qualitest Group


Find out more about my role as co-founder of the International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Month with Nat Schooler and Kim Adele


In this section you can find out more details abot the services I offer using my skills and experience to their best for my clients.

Cyber Security Awareness

I offer a professional cyber security training and awareness service to help organisations and stay safe against cyber-crime.


Content Writing

I offer a professional content writing service mainly in the cyber security and tech space.

Marketing Consultancy

I offer a marketing consultancy service to help ambitious organisations solve their key strategic marketing challenges


Coaching & Mentoring

In June 2022 I passed my Level 5 Diploma in Life Coaching and decided I wanted to use this to help others as a Coach and Mentor in the cyber security industry.

Keynote Speaking

My strong experience in cyber security, business and neurodiversity has led me to becoming a strong keynote, motivational and inspirational speaker. I have many “ready to go” slide decks which are detailed below, but I can of course create a bespoke talk and presentation on any of my specialist subjects.


In this section you can discover the types of content I have created such as books, published articles and white papers.

Published Articles

Discover a selection of articles I have written for industry magazines.


I have published several books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and is also working on others.


In this section you can discover the types of content I have created such as books, published articles and white papers.

Why Your Non-Cyber Colleagues Aren’t Listening To You








In-Person Event: teissLondon2023 | Resilience, Response & Recovery








In-Person Event: International Cyber Expo 2023









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About Me

I’m Lisa Ventura MBE, an award-winning cyber security awareness and culture specialist, keynote speaker and author. I’m the Founder of Cyber Security Unity (formerly the UK Cyber Security Association), a global community membership organisation that is dedicated to bringing individuals and companies together who actively work in cyber security to help combat the growing cyber threat.

As a consultant I work closely with cyber security leadership teams to help them collaborate together more effectively and I provide cyber security awareness and culture training. Over the years I’ve worked with numerous cyber security and infosec organisations including Proficio Inc, Boost Technology Group, Blue Voyant, CyBourn, the UK Cyber Security Council, Logistics UK, Pionen, HOOP Cyber Security and most recently with Qualitest to name but a few. I have a unique perspective on the cyber security industry and specialise in creating and implementing go-to-market plans, brand awareness and positioning cyber security and infosec organisations as thought leaders and experts in their fields to help them get one step ahead of their competitors. Recently I worked with Pinsent Masons Solicitors various aspects of their global cyber security awareness programme which comprised of cyber escape rooms, phishing email simulation exercises and carefully curated internal communications to promote good cyber hygiene to help prevent cyber-attacks.

I sit on the following boards and I’m also a member of:

  • Think Digital Partners as their Cyber Security Advisor
  • Member of the Advisory Council for the National Cyber Security Show and International Security Expo events in the UK
  • Member of Tech UK’s Regional Council
  • Member of Tech UK’s Skills and Diversity Council
  • Advisory Board for the newly created World-Wide Women in Cyber Security (w3-cs) Association

I have specialist knowledge in the following areas:

  • The human elements of cyber security and social engineering
  • Cyber psychology
  • AI and cyber security
  • Supporting women into careers in cyber security
  • Supporting those who are neurodiverse or from different backgrounds into careers in cyber security
  • Bullying, abuse and narcissism
  • Mental health issues, in particular managing stress, and burnout – especially in relation to the cyber security industry
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Neurodiversity
  • Leadership, managing teams and business development

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I have been nominated for and receieved a number of industry recognised awards.

    Everywoman in Technology Awards 2024
    IT Security Guru
    ITV’s National Diversity Awards
    SC Magazine Awards

I have been featured and published in many leading publications including:

I am a proud member of the following membership organisations:

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Meet Me at Infosecurity Europe on 4 5 and 6 June 2024

Meet Me at Infosecurity Europe on 4 5 and 6 June 2024

On4, 5 and 6 June 2024 I will be at Infosecurity Europe at ExCeL in London. I will also be at the European Blogger Awards and Cyber House Party, also on 5 June. Cybersecurity threats are in the limelight like never before. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing...

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Latest News & Blog

Other Blogs

I also create content for a number of my other blog sites, check them out below.

A few years ago due to the work that I undertook with my ex-husband and his cyber security software company Titania Ltd, I gained the nickname of “Cyber Geek Girl“.

This name stuck, and is now the name of one of my award-winning blogs and my alter-ego.

It includes articles, hints/tips, reviews, interviews and more on a wide variety of different topics and interests that I have.

It focuses mainly on cyber security, technology and business. It also includes blogs and articles about nuclear war!

“Mind Body Soul Spirit” focuses on finding my authentic self through a journey of healing and recovery from mental health issues, trauma and living with autism.

This blog also aims to help you find peace, calmness and happiness in your life while we live in a busy and chaotic world. It contains articles, hints, tips and advice to help you with self-care, happiness, positivity, mindfulness and your lifestyle.

My aim for this blog is for it to be a place to go for support, insight, inspiration, help and information to help you tune into your mind, body, soul and spirit, and live your best life.

On November 29th 2013 I gave birth to my much wanted and much loved son Francesco “Frankie” Enrico Ventura when I was 33 weeks pregnant.

Sadly, my son Frankie was born sleeping and since then I founded a blog in his memory called “Frankie’s Legacy”.

This blog focuses on what life is like for me as an empty armed mother, that is, a woman who has given birth, but who does not have any living children and it has grown to become a resource for all things related to grief, loss and berevement, not just baby loss but losses at any stage of life.


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